About us

What we do

We help entrepreneurs find and execute the right business model in the early development stages of their companies and then scale and grow their businesses. Although our current investments are predominantly in the tech industry in Southeast Europe, we are sector and geography agnostic and would consider opportunities to work with exceptional entrepreneurs around the globe.

Why we do it

There is a tremendous opportunity and growth potential in early stage investing. However, companies and entrepreneurs face a lot of different everyday challenges in developing and then scaling their businesses. We have experienced those challenged first-hand and over the years have gathered valuable knowledge on the do’s and don’ts when it comes to

building sustainable businesses and scaling them. We believe that the lessons learnt and our experience can be used as stepping stones in increasing and accelerating success of companies in early development and/or scaling stages.

How we do it

We can support entrepreneurs every step of the way by putting into the process our own experience and network that can be used to connect with the right talent and people at the right time. Our tailored approach and advice cover:

  • Strategy and GTM planning
  • Business models
  • Financing strategy and M&A
  • Reporting, analysis and planning
  • Corp Dev and M&A
  • Grow expertise and team